Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve. Ben was on duty but was able to be home so that was nice. Brandie and I decided we wanted to let the kids be as involved as possible with ringing in the New Year. We started with chicken tacos for dinner, had games for the kids to play, then set out some snacks to munch on. Ben and Danny were in and out, they were sneaking up on some neighbors with fireworks. The kids had a great time with party hats and favors, Taylie and I did make up too!! Ice cream sundaes were next on the list then time to relax with a movie before midnight. Taylie and Daygen crashed quick but Noah stayed strong. With most the kids asleep and time to spare we started to play Disney Scene It. I know it sounds cheesy but we had a really good time. And Brandie and I kicked ass!!!!!

Right before Midnight we got the kids ready and headed outside. Ben made all kinds of noise with fireworks. I think he likes New Year's fireworks the best because he gets to do all his really LOUD ones:) The kids and neighbor's loved it too. A few neighbor's came out which was nice. Noah was so excited to be outside during "bedtime" watching Dad's fireworks and being loud. He made it till 1:30am before crashing in the living room. What a trooper!!!

Ben has 1st boat again today. So the boys and I are just hanging out watching some football and cleaning up. I'm sure we will be heading down to the station to have dinner with Ben.

We love you all and Happy New Year!!!!!

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