Friday, July 11, 2008

Busted eye

I think I forgot to mention how much fun we had looking for a new dinning room table. Opps did I say fun........ Trying to find a dinning room table when you have no clue where you are going, have nothing in your house and desperately want a place to sit, with 2 kids that have been traveling all across the states and 3 adults who are tried of driving in circles wasn't the best of times. But at least it made some lasting memories and we can laugh now.

We get to our 4th or 5th furniture store. I run in, thinking they would have nothing so we didn't bother getting everyone out. And to my surprise I find a table that I fall in love with. I run out to get Ben. Mom stays in the truck with the boys. It was more then we wanted to spend. So Ben and I spend what seemed like forever in the store talking things over. When we finally decided to get it, I run out to get Mom so she can see. Bryce has fallen asleep. So her and Noah go inside to meet Ben. After about 15 minutes, Ben comes running outside holding Noah in his arms in a baby cradle, Mom right behind him. The look on Bens face said it all. They had a huge chair for people to sit on, well when Noah and Ben were getting off the chair Noah caught his foot and landed head first on the corner of and end table. Ben takes his hand off Noah's eye (which was hold the blood from dripping) and his eye was split. We get some napkins and wipes. While trying to stop the blood we are also deciding if he needs stitches. After realizing we had no clue where the hospital was and that I had butterfly band aides in the truck. We decided to for go the hospital visit. But it wasn't until we asked if he wanted to head to Chuck E Cheese that the tears stopped.

He turned out to be fine and should have gotten some stitches. I think they would have given him 4 or 5. So it wasn't that big but it definitely left a small scare below his eyebrow. Now he can match his cousin!!!!

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Huston Family said...

Awwww Poor Noah!!! He such a trooper though!!! and what an awesome scar he will have to brag about later!!!!