Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We made it!!!

We are here in New Hampshire and still working on getting settled. Things are alot different then I ever thought they would be. But it's okay, I'm adjusting. They boys are doing great and love the new house. Ben is enjoying his time at his new station and trying to get settled in. The dog is here and loving life as well. It hasn't been the smoothest move but we are working out the issues. Our stuff got here 4 days late, the Honda arrived about a week late, Internet got straightened out today and our Dish should be set up on the 16th. I'm just hoping our claim for all the broken stuff doesn't become too much of a hassle. I told myself that I wasn't going to start my 1st post by bitching and complaining.....so next topic.

Our house is HUGE and beautiful. The backyard needs some work but we are both excited to get it done. Bryce is officially out of his crib and the boys share a room now. So that means WE HAVE A QUEST ROOM! Come on out. I will say that having hardwood floors with a dog kinda sucks. Ben loves his 2 car garage and I love having a jacuzzi tub. We have a block party coming up and are excited to meet some neighbors.

Yes I have a ton of pictures to show everyone from our travels in California, Arizona, North Carolina, Virgina and finally New Hampshire. But its getting later and later and I should go to bed. I will try to get some up starting tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who let us stay with them and helped us out. We love you all!!!

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Huston Family said...

YEAH! You made it!!! Glad to hear that you are doing well!! Cant wait to see the pictures!!! We are STILL waiting on our damage claim....bastards are taking there time!