Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday night

It's 9:16 at night. Boys are fast asleep, Ben's in the garage yapping on the phone and here I sit. I should just go to bed but I have to finish Ben's uniform before I can call it a night. Our weekend was great. We got so much done. Hung lots of stuff up, bundled boxes for trash day, bought a new TV, picked it up and hung it up, cleaned, yard work, found new places to shop and spent lots of quality time together. We are almost ready for our 1st house quests to arrive and the end of the month. (HI AMANDA)

Friday we took off after dinner to order a new TV from Sears. Drove around seeing new places then came home for quite time and bed. Saturday we got up and starting hanging things up. We got almost everything hung except some shelves. Hopefully we will get to them this week. Played out back and drove RC trucks out front. Took off to get some dinner and make our way to Target. I love that we have a Target so close. Today we woke up had waffles then took off to pick up our TV. Came home and started to hang it on the wall. Ben thinks that I should call Best Buy and apply for the Geek Squad. He is such a smart ass! Got it hung (It looks great) did some cleaning around the house, started yard work then it was dinner and bath time.

The boys were so freaking cute all weekend long. They played so good together (as always) Noah read stories to Bryce before bedtime, was so sweet and gentle, and Bryce just loves doing whatever Noah does. It was a really good time watching them. Tonight as they were watching their movie Noah was rubbing Bryce's head saying "Yep, this is my little brother, I love him" Then would pull Bryce in close and hug him. It was so freaking cute I wanted to cry.

We hope everyone else had a great weekend as well. And for those who's houses are filled with boxes like ours, I hope that they are starting to disappear.

One more thing....Did I mention we got Steelers tickets too?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Huston Family said...

Awwww Noah is so sweet!! Bryce will be so happy to have a big brother as awesome as Noah!! Glad you have gotten your house back to being a home!! I bet you are so excited to get those boxes OUT!!! COngrats on the tickets!! Id Be glad to watch the boys for you cause you know I think the steelers suck and all!!!! HA HA Love ya!