Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Weekend

Ben got home Friday night and the boys were bouncing off the walls waiting to see their Dad. They sat at the window watching for his car. It was really cute! When Dad got home they ran around like crazy wanting all his attention (of course) then it was off to bed. Saturday we had our 1st block party in the neighborhood. It was great to meet all the neighbors and we all had a really great time. It is weird being the only CG family in the neighborhood but kinda nice to! There was about 9 kids so the boys had a blast playing. They had a HUGE beach ball so of course Bryce was in heaven. We came home around 8ish to get the kids in the bath and off to bed. About 930 we heard fireworks, look outside and see it was them. We were both super excited about this. Ben unpacked his "stash" and we snuck outside and lit some off too. They were all surprised that Ben had fireworks and of course they liked what Ben had better. Sunday we did yard work and some house stuff. With as big as our backyard is, it takes most the day to get it done. Bryce has been all about helping Dad with his chores now. I'm kinda sad cause when Noah was this age he still wanted to help Mom inside cleaning. But not our little Bryce. He will walk beside Ben with his little mower till the yard is done. Bryce will also freak out if Dad doesn't have his gloves on, poor Ben is dying with his gloves but wears them for Bryce. What's even cuter then all this? Every couple of passes Bryce has to stop Dad for a "high 5" its sooooo cute! Of course Noah is right along with them but with the weed whacker. After the yard was mowed we moved on to the hill that has been taken over by weeds. I got the weed whacker and those things didn't stand a chance. I should had thought about it a little more before I started. I was in shorts and sandals. By the time I was done I was covered in dirt and weeds. It was attractive! But the hill looks so much better now and we put down some weed killer to finish the job. Hopefully we can start planting soon!

I still have pictures to show everyone from our time in VA. I haven't forgotten just haven't had the time to pull out the hard drive. So those will be forth coming I SWEAR!

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Huston Family said...

Awwww How cute!!! The High Five is priceless!!!!!
I bet everyone just about Shit when they saw Ben's "stash" LOL