Friday, July 11, 2008

Hatteras with Pictures

Along our many stops this summer, the boys and I went to visit Eric and Shae. It was really great to see them again. I'm still not giving up hope that 1 day we will all be close again. They have a beautiful home and spoiled the crap out of us. Shae would not let me lift a finger and feed my boys breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eric wouldn't let me help clean up instead he poured glasses of wine or margaritas. Shae drove us all around the island. We did some shopping, park time, play time at the beach, lighthouses, ice cream and even got to experience taking Bryce to the urgent care office with me. Good times!! Our mini weekend went fast and it was time to head back to VA to meet up with Ben and our family. While we were super excited to see Dad and family we were sad to have to leave. I can't wait for November to come so we can see them again and watch the Steelers beat the Pats!!!!!

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