Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday's happenings

Just got done with another very enlightening breakfast conversation with the boys. Bryce's birthday is coming up. Noah and Bryce were telling me how excited we all are that their cousins (and Aunt and Uncle) are coming up. Bryce has decided that he wants a Spongebob party. I can't believe I'm going to have a SB party for my 2 year old. It's not going to be anything big but still. So Noah has decided that we need pineapples, a tank for starfish, balloons, and a giraffe. Ok weird.

I'm hoping that Ben will be home soon. He leaves tomorrow at 5am for NY. He will be back late Friday night. But still not excited about it. He is the only adult conversation I get around here. I'm going crazy not having any friends around. I think today is the day I'm going to call the neighbor and see if she wants to head to the park. Wish me luck. If that doesn't workout I have posted a thread on CC for play dates. I already have a few people signed up. So I'm hoping this weekend I can meet up with some ladies at a park. If not oh well, I tried.

Matt, Amanda, Zack and Sky will be up really soon. We are getting excited to see them and have company. Okay mostly me :) It will be so nice to actually have something to do durning the day. Plus I'm still trying to plan a trip to meet up with an old friend. I think I might be able to work something out this week and maybe later next month we will head out her way. Her and her husband live in Vermont.

Okay that's about all the Wednesday happenings I have. Off to shower then the boys and I are going to drive up the coast, ha I almost called it HWY 101. Then hopefully Ben will be home. OOOOOHHHHHH my dish guy is coming tomorrow!!!! YIPEE FOR ME!! I'm totally missing Big Brother!

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