Thursday, July 17, 2008


Bryce is sleeping, Noah is having "quite time" and I should be doing laundry or cleaning. However, here I sit. Ben is in NY picking up a boat and will not be home till late late Friday. I have been sad thinking I will be alone tonight. Then I realized how lucky I am to have him home every night. We have been very lucky, it's been over 5 years since Ben has had to leave for a patrol and with his qualifications he most likely will never have to again. However, their are many families that are not so lucky. Like my really close friend Sarah. We lived in Newport together raised our kids together for almost 4 years before she moved back to California to be with her family while her DH went to Bahrain. Yes the CG goes over seas and I'm starting to realize it happens ALOT. She has been raising 2 kids alone for the past year and a half and only has about 4 months to go. How can I really sit here and complain knowing what she has gone threw. What kind of person does that make me? Ungrateful? Selfish? I know that I tell her and everyone else I know with husbands deployed how strong and awesome they are. But is it really enough? How can you really show these families that you truly respect and honor them for everything they have sacrificed. Especially now when so many people have no respect for what they or their loved ones are doing. It's really sad. Not only the ones deployed but the families that move every 4 years and "restart" their lives? I'm not sure you really can. But I will call her again today like everyday and tell her just how awesome she is and how much I love her! And ask that everyone do the same. Military families don't ask for much. But every now and then it's that one person that says "Thank you for what you are doing" that makes it all worth it.

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Huston Family said...

Very True! You are very sweet for thinking of Sarah and her family and all the times alone she has spent with out Tim. She is very strong to take on a tour like that. I cant imagine how much she misses Tim and how happy her and the kids will be to have him home again!