Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yes I'm still working on our trip across the states! Our last stop was Virginia Beach to be with Matt, Amanda, Zack and Sky. The boys and I flew in (I don't remember the day) where we were met at the airport by the whole family. It was awesome. Noah tried to be shy and of course Bryce wanted everything to do with Sky. We got some pizza and headed home. They kids had a BLAST playing with their cousins and I enjoyed sitting outside being eaten alive. Shae showed up shortly after dinner and we hung out for a bit then took off to NC. (See NC post) Then again I don't remember the day, but Erik drove us back to VA to meet up with everyone else. I wasn't quite sure how the trip would go, since Erik has never driven in a car with 2 kids for that length of time before. But everything was awesome! It was a nice drive and the boys slept (most the way) We expected Ben to be at the house but he wasn't. Erik hung out a little longer then he had to take off. It wasn't much longer till Matt and the kids showed up and Amanda right behind. We all waited anxiously for Ben and Mom to show up. Actually I think we waiting outside at the curb. Once they got their ciaos broke lose. With 4 kids and 5 adults what did you expect, really? Amanda made her kick ass spaghetti and we all had dinner as a family. IT WAS AWESOME! The next day Amanda was the only one that had to work, sorry Amanda. But the rest of us took off to the park. Ben and I were losing our minds with as big and as many kids that were there. But we survived. Lunch and a nap for Bryce was next up then it was off to the pool for Amanda and I. Honestly, I remember the rest of the trip but heck if i remember what order it was done in. So there was more running around, BBQing, beach, feeding ducks, kids running like mad mean, adults laughing. All in all a great time. We ended up having to leave early in fear that we were going to miss our HHG's. Ha were we ever wrong! Anyways here are some pictures, Amanda has some really cute ones to that I need to get.

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