Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Stop 2 on our trip to the East Coast took us to Arizona. It was just a short car ride from Mom's in Cali so the boys did awesome. And if you have never made that drive before, it has to be the shortest longest trip ever! So we were very anxious to get outta the truck. We had called Debbie to tell her we were almost there and much to our surprise we were able to beat Al home! For some reason that was alot of fun for us. I tried to get Ben to pull in Al's spot in the garage but we didn't have time. Debbie came running outside and we all stood around laughing for a bit. It took Noah no time at all to fall back in love with Grandma and Grandpa but we all have to admit he tends to want Grandma more. Sorry Grandpa:) And as long as Mom was around Bryce was great too! Grandma had gotten all kinds of outside toys for the boys to play with and in no time at all we were in the pool. For some reason the heat didn't seem to bother us that much this trip and we spent alot of time outside. Swimming, running around, baseball, I even took Noah to the park (for about 10 minutes) Our friends Matt and Tiff stopped by one night for dinner and a swim. It was totally awesome to see them again. We miss them so much and Noah was just in heaven to be running around with Tiff. But I think the high lite of this trip (and no its not the horrible accident we witnessed and lucky enough not to be in) was Grandma's mini bike. Noah feel in love and would still be on that thing if we didn't pry him off!! All in all it was a great trip and we are looking forward to our next AZ visit.

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