Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

We really were not sure how the 4th was going to work out. The last 6 years we have had a huge bbq and firework show at our house in Newport. Well times have changed....obviously. After talking to some friends in the AM remembering the "good old days" I started to become sad. It didn't last long and we got moving. We spend the day playing around with the boys. Noah drove his Caddie and we got out the bounce house. Which I'm happy to report has no damage from the move. I was so afraid we were going to blow it up and it was going to have a hole or something. Anyway not the point. It was such a nice day out we had so much fun playing with the boys. Around 7:45 we loaded up the big red wagon and headed for the beach. Not really knowing what to expect. We found a great spot to park in the resident parking lot (thanks Connie) and started walking down the road. It was cool to see the beach and just enjoy each other. The beach here is alot different then Oregon. I think the funniest part was the surfers. We are still trying to figure out if they really thought those were waves they were riding. HAHA. Of course everyone stopped to admire the wagon and the 2 cute Blondie's inside. It's amazing how many people get outta your way while pushing/pulling that thing. Ben was totally bummed to find out that even though its illegal to light fireworks off in Hampton, everyone does it without being busted. We sat watching everyone's fireworks and they were awesome. This was the 1st 4th since we have been married that I was able to sit with Ben and watch fireworks and we didn't even spend a dime on them!!!! It was AWESOME!!

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Huston Family said...

OMG I love the pictures of the boys! So adorable!! I am glad to hear that you actually got to spend a 4th with Ben! LOL