Monday, January 12, 2009

The weekend~ GO STEELERS!!!

Not too much went on around these neck of the woods. Friday we had some friends over for dinner and Wii. The boys had fun playing with friends they haven't seen in awhile. I however made it and early night due to Bryce and his crankiness. I ended up heading upstairs with him around 8ish and called it a night. Not sure what is up with old crancky butt but it's getting old really really fast. Saturday we hung around the morning enjoying Dad's 1st Saturday off in over 2 weeks. Then loaded up and ran all over the place to get ready for the next snow. About 10pm the snow started and dumped lots of it by the time we woke in the AM. We had about a foot on the back deck. Crazyness!!!

Sunday however was a GREAT day!!! I went to a movie with a group of girls that I have never met. Was a little nervous about the whole thing but it went great. We saw Bridewars, super cute movie. It did make me miss my friends back in OR so that was sad. Came home to an AWESOME husband, he had the house cleaned, kids were happy and feed, food was out and ready for company to arrive for the big game. He even cleaned the bathrooms. This guy ROCKS!!! Adam, Ashlyn and Emma came over for the game and we had a great time. Bill and Tyler came over for a little bit too and Noah was in HEAVEN. I was in heaven as well, did you see the Steelers/SD game? WHOO HOO!!! What a great day to be a Steelers fan, they did AWESOME! I was also surprised with the NY/Eagles game. What a good game that was too. Shae we are hoping for a match up ;). I walked around the house most the day singing "Im feeling kinda Sunday" Actually I still am singing that song. LOL

Today I have a follow up with the Ortho doctor for my foot. Wish me luck. Then I'm off to get last minute things done for Noah's big day tomorrow!!!!!


AmandaSue said...

LOL i ALWAYS sing that song =)

Shae Watson said...

I was definitely feeling kinda Sunday myself! Hmmm... a PA superbowl... gotta get past this weekend first :)