Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trimming the Tree

We got a very late start this year on the whole tree thing. I was planning on decorating the tree on the Sunday after we got it. But that really didn't work out. 1 we were running around like crazy and 2 I forgot to buy a tree stand in the blizzard. Yes Mom, Jess and I just had to go to Walmart in the blizzard. Good times! So Monday while we were at Connies house John over heard us saying we didn't have a tree stand. Well he ended up giving us their old one and this is an AWESOME stand to! THANKS JOHN! It was the eve before Christmas Eve when the tree got decorated. Ben and Jeff took off to the store and the girls stayed back to decorate. Yes I am a little over protective when it comes to decorating the tree. Mom and Jess were dying laughing and when Ben got home everyone realized why he went to the store. He usually leaves while I get the lights on the tree, its just better for everyone. But we had a great time cutting the branches off the bottom, Jess is a great tree trimmer and Noah is an awesome help. It came time to put the ornaments on the tree. Turns out I'm kinda weird about those too. Everyone enjoyed watching Noah place every single one on the same branch. We really had a good time with the tree this year.