Sunday, January 18, 2009


We can't freaking wait!!! The Steelers game is on later this evening and the Eagles/AZ game is only a few hours away!!!! Gotta love the playoffs! All bets off, new rules and new game plays. LOVE IT!! You even get all those band wagon jumpers jumping all over the place. Go Pats, wait go AZ, maybe soon it will be go STEELERS!!! Haha you know I love you!! You will bleed black and gold soon :) We have some fellow Steelers fans coming over for the game tonight and a Ravens fan. BOOOO!!! Should be a good time :) Party plans are already started for the Superbowl no matter who is in it.

In other news the snow hit again last night. Ben, Noah, Bill and Tyler have been out most the AM playing around. Okay they call in blowing and shoveling but I call it playing. They are currently down the street making a ramp for the boys to sled down. I got some pictures from the warmth of the house. I tried going out but got some pretty ugly looks and came back in.

Well we hope everyone's Sunday is as great as ours!! How can it not with playoffs just hours away!!!! Good luck to everyone who has teams still in it. And those who don''s okay just cheer for the STEELERS!!!!!


Huston Family said...

BWAH HAHAHA Hmmm I wonder who you are referring to here..... LOL

Dont hold your breath on the bleeding Gold yet..... I wouldnt want you to pass out or anything!!!!

Coastie Family said...

Yeah I forgot about you being a jumper too!!! I was actually talking about my wonderfuly awesome father in law. But your close behind him too!!!

Amanda said...

LOVE the snow pictures and that Bryce is outside. Did you throw him out and lock the door?

I keep forgetting to ask - did I leave Zack's jacket there? It's gray/beige/orange size M? I can't find the damn thing since we left.

Karen O said...

you take the best pictures :)

Karen O said...

you take the best pictures :)

umm, and no comment on the game