Friday, January 2, 2009

Shell vs. Ice

On Christmas morning I was outside playing with Ben, Jeff and the kids. Everyone else was inside sleeping. Well I should have been too. Bryce fell and as I went to catch him I slipped on the ice. No worries Bryce is fine, me however not so much. This last week I have been in some agonizing pain. With Ben at work all week (day and night) getting to the ER has been a challenge. All my neighbors offered to watch the boys and I should have taken them up on it. But I really didn't think too much was going to be wrong. I thought for sure it was just a sprain. Yeah I was wrong. Ben got home today and loaded us up to drop me off at the ER. Final diagnoses: I fractured and sprained my foot and please lets not leave out a bone chip to top it all off. WTF!!! Is that possible?!? I'm so pissed. So my foot still hurts like hell, I have this ugly ass shoe/cast thing and crutches. Yes crutches. THIS SUCKS!! All I can think of is I have way too much to get done. Christmas needs to be packed and put away, kids need to be chased and played with, a Birthday Party needs to be planned, pictures need to go back, not to mention the "everyday mommy/wife things.

And it gets better. Bryce has come up with this horrible cough today. The poor baby has started crying every time he coughs and just can't stop. Its seriously annoying us so I know it's bugging him. He has been upstairs trying to sleep but can't. I feel so bad for him. So the neighbor across the street is going to watch Noah tomorrow while my gimp ass crutches Bryce into the doctor. Yes of course Ben has 1st boat for the 4th time this week. GRRRRRRRRR. And NO DUSTY I will not be taking pictures of me walking with crutches at any point in the next 2 weeks for you!!!!


Huston Family said...

Awe Man! I was SO looking forward to these!!!! Maybe I can get Ben to conspire with me!!! LOL

Karen O said...


Feel better soon!

I promise you SPRING in New England is much better then Winter.

Let us know if we can do anything I wish we lived a little closer.