Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Morning

Can I think back that far???? We woke up kinda late....okay my boys and Madison. Grandma was sitting on the couch since 5am waiting and the VA Molnars were locked in Noah's room cause they were told they couldn't wake up their cousins. How nice is that? We got started about 9ish. Everything is pretty much a blur from there on. Except I do remember that Uncle Matt was the man of the hour opening every box that housed a toy. THANKS!! Ben tried stealing Amanda's handy tool but was unsuccessful. The kids got everything they wanted and more and we had a great time with everyone. Im sure I will post more pictures later. Amanda got some cute ones of the boys but I haven't uploaded them yet.


Amanda said...

Those are great! I didn't even realize that we got started late. Everyone was happy!

I DID notice that Ben tried to steal my handy dandy tool MORE than once. HA - it came home with us. I figured that with all his real deal tools he'd laugh at mine, but it is teh cool!

Huston Family said...

Love Your Jammies! Super Cute!!!