Friday, January 16, 2009

Deep Breath in and AHHHHHHH

What a week. It seems like these last few weeks have been months for us around here. The weather is freezing cold outside the ice isn't melting and even better news the snow is coming back to visit on Sunday. Oh JOY! My foot isn't better (for those who don't know) My plantar fascia ligament still has some pretty good damage to it. The ortho wanted to cast it that day but the lack of a ride home and 2 kids to get in the car he spared me. He did however give me this hot looking air cast instead. I have to wear this now for the next 2 weeks. After that I will either start therapy to re build that ligament or its straight into a hard cast. At this point I'm either going to get better or have life long issues with my foot. Isn't that just great?!? The boys are great. Bryce is a little stinker and knows it. Noah turned 5 and got a new attitude to go with it. He may not make it to 6. Tried potty training Bryce again, no go. "That's gross Mommy" is what I'm told when I ask him to poop on the toilet. Ben's doing great! Loving the snow and ice. Seriously he enjoys going out plowing and chipping away at the ice so his wife doesn't break her neck. Work has slowed wayyyy down for him so the wheels in his head are turning. Can anyone think what projects are about to arise? My wheels are turning with Spring/Summer trips that I want to go on. Anything warm and defrosted would be GREAT! Noah's party is tomorrow at Chuck E Cheese. Please pray for us all! And I'm about to load to kids up to hit the store for cupcake stuff and dinner. It takes about 15 minutes more to load us all up now with this cast, get it off to drive, get it on to get out, then get the kids out with it on and into the store. We may not make it home in time to cook dinner.

So whats new and exciting in everyone else's lives? Everyone crazy like us here? Please share?

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