Thursday, January 22, 2009

Temporary Heaven

My children are on cloud nine right now and I'm sure Ben will have a smile on his face when he gets home too. Mom has lost her voice!!! Not only am I a one legged gimp hopping around I now have no voice to go with it. I have been fighting this sore throat for a few days now and it got the best of me. It hurts like you know what when I try to talk and the boys think its funny when Mom talks. Bryce has started whispering to me and Noah has told me that I need to go to bed early to "find my voice." When my sister called last night she didn't even know who I was at 1st. This really puts a wrench in my mission of making people out here nicer. Ben and I are so tired of people popping off at the mouth rude things like nobody is going to say anything back to them. And we all know Lashelle isn't just going to keep her mouth shut :). Like the other day the boys and I were loading up at the grocery store. This jack ass comes walking by laughing at us and says:
jack ass: "Yeah thats really safe"
me: "excuse me, what did you say?"
jack ass: "I just said thats safe, 2 kids, a cast and food" then laughs
me: "do I even know you, whats your problem?"
jack ass: "look I wasn't looking for a conversation I was just saying."
me: "well how about next time you keep your mouth shut and keep walking. do everyone a favor."
jack ass: says nothing else. just gets pissed rolls his eyes and walks away. What an ass!!! If the dumb ass would have looked down at my cast he would have seen that it was REMOVABLE! Winter make people NOT nice around here!!

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Huston Family said...

What a POS!!!! I would have told him to have a big cup of STFU!!!! So when you and Ben get done "making" people be nice over there can you please come here and help me out....Im a bit overwhelmed.... I seriously am hating this stupid ass little town.....