Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008

First Happy New Year to everyone! I'm a little slow in posting from Christmas, sorry. On Christmas Eve we loaded up and headed over to Connie's house (Amanda's mom) We had a great time and she is such a wonderful lady. The whole family is very welcoming and we really enjoyed our time over there. The kids had a blast running around playing and the adults enjoyed lots of laughs and a few martini's. YUMMY! The food was awesome too. After our time there we loaded up to get home for our Christmas Eve at the house. The boys got their cookies decorated for Santa, put out Santa's key and we all sat around with hot chocolate watching the Polar Express. Madison liked it as much as the boys. After the movie we hurried them upstairs to sleep. Matt, Amanda and the kids showed up later that night and it gave us a boost of energy. We sat around talking a little more, well Amanda had the right idea and went to bed. I hurried the boys along to finish "last minute" things so I could head to bed too.


Amanda said...

LOL. I didn't MEAN to go right to bed but I went to lay down with the kids and oops, it was morning!

The Molnars are night owls - me, not so much! Zack got that gene, Skyler didn't.

Coastie Family said...

Well you didn't go right to bed. You stayed up for a little bit before taking the kids up. But seriously you had the right idea. Im starting to take notes :)

Huston Family said...

Great pics!!! Sounds like you all had a great time!!! So when are you going to make the post about you falling andn busting your ass??? LOL Actually it really isnt funny & I feel really bad for you!!!