Sunday, January 4, 2009


We went sledding today with Bill, Karen and Tyler. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! I know what you all are thinking, How did the gimp go sledding and how smart is that? Well I'm not going to say it was the smartest thing I have ever done but I didn't get hurt.....anymore then I already am. So it was GREAT! We love Karen and Bill and like I said before always have so much fun with them. Still waiting for "girl" night with Karen. Wait this is about sledding. This was both mine and Ben's 1st time sledding and we had a blast. Noah loved every minute of it as we knew he would. But the big shocker of the day was Bryce. That boy jumped right on Dad's lap and went for it. He was having a blast. It's sooooo much nicer when you don't have a kid screaming in the corner. I found a nice cold seat and took pictures. But then everyone came up the hill with a great idea. Send me down on a sled so I can get pictures of them coming down. Yes of course I went along with it. So I gimped into the sled with Karen and down we went. Thank God we didn't take out that little girl. Karen was yelling GO LEFT but all I could think was if I went left anymore we were going to tip. I can't believe how fast you get going on those things. Once we got down the hill (and yes we went the furthest of the day) Karen pulled me onto the frozen ice to get some pictures. Yes frozen ice, I was assured that it was a puddle and not a lake under me. WHEW! Then everyone else came down and Ben and Bill pulled me back up the hill with Bryce on my lap. I tell it was the best thing EVER!!!!!

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