Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A visit to the Station

I promise I am almost done with our trips and pictures from the holiday season. Jess and Jeff were super excited to see Ben new station, as was Ben to show them. It was too cold to get underway so we just walked around. Jess loves going to Bens work and seeing his name on the wall (surfman plaque). It's cute and Ben loves it! Mom and I stayed in the truck most the time due to sleeping babies. The rest went for a tour, just about the time they headed to the boats Bryce woke up. He saw that we were at Dads work and couldn't wait to get outta the truck. I walked down with him to the boats and it hit me, this is Bryce's 1st time on Dad's boats. HOW FUN!! I never took him on the boats rides in Newport cause he was too young. I still think he is too little but maybe this summer. Bryce loved being on the boat and Noah was a little scared. The cracking ice was making him nervous. Bryce couldn't wait to jump up and "drive it drive" as he says. Here are some pictures from that day.

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