Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kids Halloween Party

Our 1st Annual Kids Halloween Party is over, WHEW! We made it! The last 24 hours leading up to the party was a bit stressful and aggravating. We started to realize that most the people from the Station were backing out. So our list of 16 RSVP's ended up being 9 kids. But in the end it worked out great! 9 seemed to be the perfect number of kids and everyone enjoyed themselves. The kids all looked so cute in their costumes and some adults joined in the fun too. At times it was sad for me, around every corner I was hoping to see one of my friends from Newport but I knew I wouldn't. So it made for more running around for Ben and I keeping everything organized but it worked out just fine. We make a great team and I would have never been able to pull this off without him. Everyone was so impressed with the amount of work we put into the party which made us feel awesome. Our transformed basement was a huge hit and Noah even broke open the pinata. So here are some pictures from the party.


Huston Family said...

Your party looked awesome!! I wished we could have been there!!! You and Ben both did an exceptional job decorating and planning! You guys are amazing!!!! Miss you guys!!!

Shae Watson said...

The party looks great!! I remember the first time you volunteered me to help with one of those, LOL! We always had fun setting up the kids parties :) You really are the best at this stuff!!