Monday, October 20, 2008

Giving in

Yes, I turned on the heat last night. When we got home from the station it was a bitter 59 upstairs. Of course it wasn't working so the neighbor had to come over and help me out. THANKS BILL! It's so nice to know that even though we don't live in housing, I still have neighbors that will help out while Ben is gone. After about 30 minutes he got it to kick in. It was so nice this morning seeing Bryce wake up not shivering. And Noah actually slept in till about 8ish. Maybe heat isn't so bad.

Ben actually came home early today. I was so excited! But of course the station called to say they were getting back underway for surf, so he will be heading back after lunch. He went to go pick Noah up from school then is taking him out to lunch. Noah is going to be sooo excited! Nothing better then having Dad all to yourself, especially after not seeing him the last couple of days.

We are also going to start transforming our basement into Halloween Town today. Yes the party is this Saturday and I feel totally unprepared. This should be a walk in the park by now but without my friends helping me direct kids around the thought of having 16 kids is really overwhelming right now. And I the fact that I don't know 3/4of the kids coming is weird. But it's going to be a great chance to get to meet everyone from the station so that's nice. I got the food planned out, craft almost ready to go, decorations ready to be put up, costumes check, game ready to go, everything for cupcakes, found my Halloween music. Anything I'm missing?

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