Friday, October 24, 2008

Up to date

The week has been okay. The kids are doing great. Bryce's new favorite word is "No" as he waves his little finger at you. If it wasn't so freaking cute I don't think the boy would have seen the light of day this week. Ben is accusing me of being soft with Bryce. I have to agree I am. There are so many things I let him get away with cause he is so freaking cute about it and he is the baby still. Like now he is standing on the couch turning on and off the lights, I need to get this under control. Noah has been wired all week. With the Halloween party tomorrow and HSM3 on every commercial he won't stop. As if that wasn't enough he can't wait for Erik and Shae to get here. He has decided that him and Erik will play transformers after the game. And that him and Shae will have to watch his pirate movie together. Plus he has been getting ready for his family to come "live" with him for Christmas.

Our Halloween party is tomorrow. Ben stood duty last night so we have lots to do tonight. He did finish the downstairs bathroom for me so that's awesome! He is doing great at work and really starting to settle in. He got his surfman endorsement back so that's AWESOME. His 10k is coming up the 1st and he is ready. This guy is a running machine now. You think I would join in but nope, I sit and eat cookies and milk waiting for him to get home. LOL

I think Sunday is just going to be a relax day. Cleaning after the party and watching football. I CAN'T WAIT!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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Shae Watson said...

I think I can handle some Pirate movies with Noah! I'll check on the transformers play, too :) So who knew Ben was running so much. Good for him!! 10k is no joke--go Ben, go Ben!!