Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Ramlings

Bryce had his well baby check up today. He passed with flying colors and left screaming. Poor guy got 4 shots today (we were a little behind due to illness in OR) and he wasn't happy about it at all. On top of that he his cutting his 2nd 2 year molar so he is just a bundle of joy right now. Anyone in need of Bryce time? He weighed in at 28lbs and was 33 inches tall. It was funny cause the doctor said he was growing great and is in the 25% for his age. But to us that is small. Noah was always off the charts big. So Bryce is still my little peanut :)

Noah got to go have lunch at school today. You would have thought it was the kids birthday. He woke up this morning and came downstairs with me. Which is not a normal thing when Dad is home. He left Dad and Bryce to cuddle alone cause he had to help make his lunch. It was only 7:30am. I'm just wondering what my boys were doing up so early? I tried to get him to eat some breakfast and he refused cause he was having lunch at school. So I just decided to make pancakes so he would eat. Plus Dad was home so it was a nice treat for everyone.

As you noticed Ben is off today. He took the day off to join me at Bryce's doctor appt. He likes to attend as many as he can. I love it! But he is now off at the hobby store in Manchester with a buddy from work. I'm kinda nervous as to what he is going to bring home. He hasn't been to a hobby store since we left AZ. Hey Al, hows that boat doing? And with Bryce's new found love for RC Trucks I am sure he will bring something home "for Bryce"

I however will be heading to The Christmas Tree store after Emma gets picked up. They just opened one by the house. For those who don't know what I am talking about, it's just the coolest store EVER!! One thing I am going to miss about the East Coast for sure. I'm thinking my lovely husband will take us out to dinner since he will still be on cloud 9. And I have decided that my new dream in life is to own my own coffee shop. I know this sounds crazy but it's true. The most fun I have ever had at work was at the shop. Forget going back to medical billing, I want to pour coffee! Plus I get my coffee the way I want it everyday. BONUS! Coffee on the East Coast is either iced or hot. I like to mix things up and people look at me like I'm nutz around here. Like today I went to another coffee shop to ask for a Frap, the lady said "your not from around here are you?" So it's settled I will own my own coffee shop one day.


Amanda said...

Hehehe. A Frappe in New England is sort of like a milkshake.

Huston Family said...

Its a good thing us "normal" people know what a Frappe is!!
Poor Bryce I bet he is a ray of sunshine right now! But I will still take him in a heart beat!!! Hope he is happier tomorrow! I LOVE the Christmas store!!! Probably the ONLY thing I miss about the E-Coast!