Thursday, October 30, 2008

The boys

Seriously, how cute are these kids? Cause I think they are pretty darn cute! It's been freezing cold out here and these boys could care less. Which is a total bummer for me cause that means I have to go out with them. But they are in heaven with it cause Mom actually is running around and playing, instead of just watching. Its just way too cold to sit and watch. BURRRR

Embarrassing moment of the day:
The boys and I head to Sam's today. I decided to just get pizza there for lunch. So the boys are sitting down while I start to cut their pizza. Bryce starts wiggling around and wouldn't you know he falls straight back onto his head. It wasn't the shortest bench in the world but it wasn't the tallest either. Well I think everyone in Sam's heard his head hit the cement and if they didn't hear that they heard his blood curdling scream! A crowd starts to form around us as everyone is freaking out trying to assist me in trying to find where his head is cut open. I knew he was fine it's just Bryce's screaming cry that makes it sound worse. So as I'm trying to get everyone to back off so I can calm him down, wouldn't you know a police officer comes over. And of course he calls for medical. WTH!! Now I'm trying to calm Bryce down, get people to back off and explain to this cop that we don't need an ambulance. Yes all good times. Bryce stops crying and starts yelling at the ground, "He hit me, ouchy, no no" Then lets me kiss where it hurts and all is done. Everyone was shocked that he just stopped crying. I then still have to explain to the cop that we really don't need medical assistance. Yes a great time was had by all today at Sam's.

Recap of Bryce's week:
Tuesday~ 4 shots
Wednesday~ falls head 1st on his mouth. His teeth didn't go all the way threw his lip but enough to scab up and a nice fat lip.
Thursday~ Flips off the bench onto cement floor.
And to top it all off he is cutting his back 2 year molar still and hasn't been sleeping well. Do I dare ask what Friday brings?

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Huston Family said...

OMG! Poor little guy!!!! I feel so bad for him!!! But you are right those boys are def. the cutest little things ever!!!!