Thursday, October 2, 2008

Halloween Decor Take I

We got our Halloween box in from Grandma yesterday. The boys and I were so excited it open it. But we had strict instructions that we had to wait for Ben. Ben finally got home about 5 and we tore into it. I only wish we would have gotten out the camera in the beginning. Noah was just out of control with excitement and of course Bryce was right behind him. I think he was more excited to call Grandma to tell her everything he got. As if she already didn't know. It was the cutest thing ever! Grandma out did herself again this year for Halloween, THANKS GRANDMA! The boys both got fake candy teeth. It was so funny watching them eat them. And of course the Spongebob toy thing has entertained them all evening and morning long. While we were picking up the mess Noah went up to his room put every single toy inside it and started to bring it downstairs. Crazy kid!

So after opening the box Ben and I ran to the basement to look threw Halloween decor. I was dying to get my Haunted House and Tree out to go with the Carousel. I just love these Avon decorations! Ben just needs to get the inverters going to hook up all 3 together. So Halloween decor is half up and I'm stoked! It usually takes us a few weeks to get everything the way we like it. For now Ben found a place for some of his skulls. We have an agreement inside is cute Halloween and outside he can do as scary as he wants. So the skulls may not make the final cut on my table. But for now they will do just fine.

Hope everyone is having as much fun decorating for Halloween as we are! I know Tiff is already done.

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Huston Family said...

Everything looks great!! Especially the boys!! Well Almost everything.....Everything except that ugly night light...what are you thinking??? LOL

The boys really do looks so adorable!! Grandma did an awesome job!!!