Thursday, October 9, 2008

Teething and Baseball

The night before last was a ruff one for Mom and Bryce. He woke up around 10:00 with a fever of 104. I gave him some Motrin thinking it would break soon and put him back to bed. About every 15 minutes till about 12pm he was up fussing. That's when I just brought him in bed with me. Unable to break his fever I was starting to get worried. All I could think was last time he had a fever this high he had meningitis. I know the chances are slim for him to get it again, however I still go back to that time. Then start to worry. Finally about 3am he went down to 101. I put him back in bed so I could get a few hours sleep before the day started. He did okay the next day just a small fever and some serious grumpiness. I never really ruled out the teething thing, but he has never gotten a high fever with teething before. Sometime throughout the day I got a good look in his mouth. And wouldn't you know he completely cut his bottom 2 year molar. OUCH! So one down 3 to go.

Last night after dinner we headed out back to play a little wiffle ball. Bryce was feeling a little better and I needed to do something to stay awake. I soon realized that I was out numbered. Of course to little boys Mom doesn't know how to play any sports and Dad just ROCKS! Noah wanted nothing to do with being on my team and Bryce really didn't get what was going on. Instead he chased the dog around. Every time I missed the ball Noah would yell "WEAK MOM, NO SKILLS" Take a guess who he learned that from. Cute kid I know. But when Dad would miss it was all my fault. I even remember him telling me I was a girl and couldn't play like the boys. We are going to have to address this. But I must say that Noah has gotten alot better at baseball. He can't wait to play. Ben now realizes that you can't stand to close when pitching to him. The kid will take off your head. Seriously he was really connecting last night. And of course he had to pitch to Mom. How could I not miss when my son is saying, "Okay Mom you ready? Your going to miss this heater."

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Huston Family said...

HA HA HA Noah is such a hoot!! He cracks me up! Poor Bryce! Teething sucks! I hope he is feeling better!