Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A new method

Okay all you Coastie wife's listen to this. Well I guess Military wife's but I only think Coastie's read my blog, anyways. So my dear friend Sarah who is moving in 3 months is finally getting a list together of places. Okay not totally her fault for the delay, her husband is overseas and they just came out with an updated list. With him being over sea's for over a year they will be picking as priority #1, yes everyone's dream. She has resulted in drawing names from a bowl. Yes, I'm serious! I think she is totally crazy and has lost her mind with excitement for the fact that she gets her husband back and at this point doesn't really care where they live. Can anyone else imagine picking like this? I know a lot of my friends are up for transfer this year. Anyone else choosing this method?

Want even better news? Boston came out as number 6!!! Now with a priority 1 I know that chances are slim to none. But hey hope is all I got right now. So lets all hope that number 6 is it!!!!!!!!


SarahCosta1 said...

I know...good thing we have that priority #1 huh! I wonder if they will let us just save that for later?? :)

Anyway, I thought the pulling billets from a hat idea was fantastic. After weeks/months of stressing I was finally content...we had a list.
Then I talked to Tim, told him my method, and he LAUGHED at me...
So, instead of taking time to figure it out with the only phone call I will get before the detailer shows up he decides to through out another location. MICHIGAN. WTF? A place we never talked about, never even considered....not even in the same part of the country that we had been discussing. And its a station.
Anyway, I basically told him to pick a billet and let me know sometime before the movers come. Hell, he can even blind fold me and suprise me when we arrive. At this point I don't care. I have enough to worry about :)
Thanks for posting a blog about me though...even if you are just making fun!

Coastie Family said...

Come on, you know me better then that. Of course Im not making fun of you. I wish I could just draw from a hat. You saw me last year. I love and admire you for all that you have given up this last 1 1/2 years.