Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's darn right COLD!

Please someone, anyone tell me why I was so excited to have a winter with snow? My Mom calls me this AM all excited cause she heard that it was snowing back east in some spots. And to let me know that it was 90 degrees today in Corona. Seriously NOT FAIR! It's been in the mid 40's all day but with this wind it feels more like 30's. Thats just cold to me. And it's supposed to get down to the 20's tonight. That's just not normal. Plus I have this silly propane guy knocking down my door every time Ben is gone. I have enough anxiety thinking about what we will pay for heat this winter. But the good news is that it has dropped so it may not be so bad. Lets just cross our fingers.......

Noah on the other hand can not wait for the snow to come and "stay forever" he says. He wakes up just about everyday asking if the snow is here. We were watching the weather just now and they showed some snow, his little face lit up with excitement. So it will be fun wathcing him enjoy the snow and a white Christmas sounds pretty cool too!!!

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