Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Run Noah Run

If you follow our blog then you all remember the post about our BBQ at Bobby and Karen's. It was on a Sunday and with it being football season of course Noah wore his jersey. We knew going into this that we were going to get some flack with a house full of Pats fans. Well after the Pats lost (big time) everyone was outside kinda in a slump. Okay not my family we were beaming with joy. But everyone else was a little shocked from the game. I noticed that Melisa, Amanda and Karen had disappeared. Not thinking anything of it until they came out in Pats jerseys. And wouldn't you know Meilsa is holding one just Noah's size. I started dying laughing! But Noah is just way too fast and cute for them. He saw them coming and took off running for the hills. They almost had him when he stopped them all serious and said "No you have to wait here, just listen." They stopped bent down and Noah took off cut inside the house and ran straight to Dad. It was funny. Nice try girls!!!


Amanda said...

You just gave me a great idea for a Christmas gift for the boys! Now that they have Red Sox shirts, they need Pats jerseys.


Coastie Family said...

Sorry Aunt Amanda, thats 1 thing if bought will not make it on the boys. It was hard enough putting those Red Sox shirts on them. They do look cute in them though. But we are going to HAVE to draw the line on Pats stuff. Just a heads up.