Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another weekend in review

It's Sunday night and I feel that I'm bringing the Steelers bad luck right now. So to take a break I came to blog about the weekend. All in all another great weekend here in NH. Friday we took off to the Children's Museum in Dover. I think EVERYBODY in the state had the same idea, it was packed. But we still had a good time with some new friends. Yes that's right we made more friends. Look out we are on a roll.

Saturday, Noah had Soccer. It was a blast. They learned some new things and it was great watching them. Noah really takes the "drills" serious it's really cute to watch. This time I brought Bryce his own ball to play on the side with. At 1st he was a little confused as to why he couldn't run with Noah but he got over it. And of course a snack or two, or 5, came in handy as well. I sware when he starts sports he is going to be the kid who stops for a snack not water. After Soccer we rushed over to meet a few neighbors and the Portsmouth Chili Cook off. I was super excited for my 1st Chili Cook off but was completely disappointed. They only used like half the park and it was way over crowed. They advertised like 30 different Chili vendors and I think maybe 7 showed up. Plus my Chili is better. But after we got some ice cream and sat by the water while the kids all played. It was a beautiful day and the boys got a kick out of seeing one of "Dad's big boats"

Sunday, Noah and took off to Church. We left Dad and Bryce home. Since Ben's on duty something about his phone going off during church didn't sound so good. And I didn't feel like having Bryce attached to my hip. After Church Noah and I rushed home to help Dad before Tyler's party. And I must say my husband ROCKS!! There is nothing this guy doesn't do. Bryce was feed and asleep when I walked threw the door, kitchen was cleaned, toys (all over the house) were picked up, he did like 4 loads of laundry, made beds and everything. HE ROCKS! Bryce and I took off to get coffee before the party and Dad and Noah set up the bounce house and helped fill balloons. It was a great party, the kids had a blast jumping and the adults enjoyed watching too. I have to admit we have the best neighbors EVER!!

Okay so that was our weekend. Tomorrow I have another birthday party in the morning. and that's about it. I'm off to finish the Steelers game!!!!!!!

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