Friday, October 3, 2008


There are many things I miss about Oregon. Being close to family, our friends, Newport, our old house and neighborhood, Fred Meyers, LC outlets, Portland, Crab, the list goes on and on. But I think I would give my right arm for a Iced Mint Mocha from Kundalini. Yes I will be the 1st to admit we have saved hundreds of dollars a month by not going there 3x's a day (some even more) I miss the girls at the shop, knowing I was ALWAYS going to get a delicious drink, having my drink ready by the time I got to the window (they would see me pull in) The dollar smoothies the boys used to get. If anyone that reads my blog has ever been to Newport you know what I'm talking about. How about just being able to walk there in the afternoon with the kids on scooters? Ah the good ol' days!

Is it too early to start counting down?

This weekend should be a fun one. Tonight we are heading back to the Children's Museum in Dover with some friends. Tomorrow Noah has Soccer (if the rain stays away) and the Portsmouth Chili Cookoff starts at 11:30am. Super excited about that one. Sunday we have a Birthday Party to attend and we really need to get going on our Kids Halloween party decor and games. Did I also mention that Ben has duty. Lets cross our fingers that I'm not flying solo this weekend too.

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Huston Family said...

Aww Reading your blog makes me miss Newport/Depoe Bay!!! I only went to the coffee shop maybe a dozen times but they Def. made the best drinks in town!!!! Hope you have a great time this weekend!