Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kids Halloween Party Happenings

We are a little over a week away from our Kids Halloween Party and it's all coming together. We went to Iparty last night, LOVE THAT STORE. Got pretty much everything we needed and some we didn't. I think I'm most excited for the over 40 balloons we get to blow up! I have balloon OCD it's true. We have around 16 kids that have RSVP'd plus their parents. Seriously I didn't know we knew that many people yet. But with the neighborhood kids and the station it added up quick. Ben is doing a wonderful job helping me without frustrating me. And props to him, when getting the decor he actually remembered it was going to be little kids and stayed away from the blood dripping scary stuff. I feel bad for him this year. Without hundred of kids to scare and no Haunt to put on, he is kinda bored. Everyone remember the Station Haunted House that Ben worked so hard for 3 years to get established not only at the station but in the community as well? They are not doing it this year, what a bummer. Still don't know what Noah is going to be but I got a little something to wear to the party last night. Noah is leaning towards the Incredible Hulk.

What's everyone else dressing up as this year?

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